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Berek is a modern Israeli barbecue restaurant located in the heart of Warsaw. The venue filled with ambience of the south has been arranged in a modern Tel Aviv style. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern menu is dominated by fresh mezze, shipud (Israeli meat, fish and vegetable skewers; hence the term "Shipudei"), appetizers and seafood.

Berek's menu has been co-created by Ofir Vidavsky, the Chef with Polish origins, previously the chef of the famous Israeli restaurant Brania. His shipudim is made of meat and served as perfectly seasoned and grilled shashlik skewers of lamb, chicken livers, or the best quality of beef. In our menu you will find many extraordinary vegan and vegetarian dishes, fresh and Mediterranean salads and new flavours. Classics such as Israeli hummus, fattoush salad, shakshuka or coloured meze dishes, are all served with hot, homemade pita bread. The chef also recommends desserts, particularly, malabi - a traditional Israeli rose-scented creamy pudding.

Berek was created by the Artur Jarczyński Group on the eve of its 25th anniversary
and as a gift for the Customers.

The Chef

Where and when?

Our kitchen is open from 8 am to midnight, except Sundays when we open at 10 am and close at 10 pm.

We invite you to try a genuine Israeli breakfast, colourful lunch or dinner accompanied by wine or beer.

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